"Breaking the silence about child sexual abuse is an essential part of healing and of ending the violation of children. In Common Threads Connie Robillard and Marcel Duclos courageously share from their own lives to help us understand the experience of the abused child and the healing that is possible."

Ellen Bass

co-author of "The Courage To Heal" and author of "Mules of Love"



Unique, poetic, sensitive. Common Threads invites us to explore the far reaching effects that child abuse have on body and mind. Through a series of short stories and poetry we are transported to the inner world of abuse. This is a life journey, ending at the place of spiritual peace.

Serge Prengel

Body Psychotherapist, author of "Still A Dad" and editor



"This exquisitely poetic, visually aesthetic tome epitomizes the best of careful, insightful therapeutic work on the part of both therapist and patient. A must read for anyone wanting to sense the experience of true transformation".

Jacqueline A. Carlton, Ph.D.
Editor: USA  Body Psychotherapy Journal


"This gentle, courageously honest book gives a rare understanding of how childhood suffering is transformed into the art of being a wounded healer. In this instance, it is two wise healers who share their journeys with the reader in a deeply intimate, insightful, at time excruciatingly painful, yet inspiring tale. The opportunity for healing is offered to anyone who opens himself or herself to sharing in their stories."

Rita Justice, Ph.D, Psychologist
Author of The Abusing Family and The Broken Taboo: Sex In The Family.



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